About Charlie and Arienne

With degrees in Psychology, Clinical Mental Health, and over 25 years of direct care clinical experience as psychotherapists. Charlie and Arienne are true clinical professionals with a passion for life and each other that’s only equally matched by their humorous, lighthearted demeanor and wit.

As keynote speakers they are an entertaining and informative twosome who are as comfortable on the dance floor as they are on the stage. Their vast experience in the fields of PTSD, sexual trauma, as well as intimacy and relationship therapy allow for in depth teaching and practical direction.
Charlie and Arienne have based the latter part of their careers on challenging the conventional thought in the clinical community and discovering new and creative ways to teach healthy relationship concepts while not allowing the individual identity to be lost.

There can be no therapy in crisis and their crisis intervention skills have been highly sought, allowing them to open clinics in various states to provide care for those who need it in their worst times. They find true joy in providing couples support for the growing unit that needs support or “tune ups”, insight into damaging patterns, open communication, and better SEX along the way.

SexBecause is a Judgment Free, Kink Friendly, Pride Aliance Zone and will remain that way reinforced with the belief that it is your life and your relationship, design it anyway chosen.

Therapy and Recovery

Watch Charlie and Arienne share years of knowledge and experience in the Sex Because Therapy and Recovery Series.

Training and Education

Want to know how much you don’t know about sex? This video series has content for beginners as well as sex experts.

Relationship Design

The beauty about relationships is that you can design your relationship in any way you desire. Here we can help you get started.

Complete Video Series

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