It is the Mission of SexBecause to clarify, define, and celebrate sexual diversity by offering educational tools and encouragement of sexual exploration.

Clinicians by trade, Drs. Charlie and Arienne have made it their lifelong goal to combat shame based identity and dysmorphia through affirmation, solution based therapy, and sex positive teachings that reflect the diversity of the alternative community.

With couples and BDSM workshops focused on healthy sexual identity, self worth, consensual relationship design, effective communication, as well the scene aspects of kink, it is their goal to inform participants of relevant mental health education as well as emphasize safety and self care so that all members can continue to grow fulfilling, risk aware, consensual situations and relationships.

For couples who may be interested in taking the first steps into imploring the exciting avenues of power exchange, it is their goal to create a safe space for honest, open discussion on what kink can add to your bedroom and how it can be integrated into a busy life that may want to add sensory deprivation for evening of play or those hoping for a 24/7 lifestyle as dominant and submissive in a power exchange arrangement.

SexBecause workshops are exciting, rejuvenating, and highly interactive. All workshops are designed for couples (no matter the relationship design) to connect and explore.

The Couples Experience: Sex and Intimacy

  • Fantasy Talk/Role Play – The Art of Dirty Talk: Tips and Techniques
  • Seduction: Arousing the Mind
  • Whole Body Orgasms – Make Them Shiver: Physical and Psychological Components

The Couples Experience: BDSM and Power Play

  • Sensory Deprivation – Sensation Play: Arousing the Senses
  • Erotic Spanking and Impact Play: A How to Guide
  • Edging and Forced Orgasms: Controlling the Climax
  • Bondage and Restraints: Power Play with Your Partner
  • Altered States of Consciousness in BDSM: A Natural High
  • Power Exchange Care: Before, During, and After Scenes

Charlie and Arienne host other couples workshops and retreats.

  • Contact them here to inquire.

Therapy and Recovery

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Training and Education

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Relationship Design

The beauty about relationships is that you can design your relationship in any way you desire. Here we can help you get started.

Complete Video Series

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