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Charlie and Arienne have over 25 years experience treating individuals and couples with a wide range of needs, owned and directed multiple large mental health clinics, and trained hundreds of mental health professionals. They provide a unique approach to sex and relationships therapy. They combine their clinical super powers with an open mind and what happens is amazing! Charlie and Arienne believe sexuality is as unique as a fingerprint due to its complex development influenced by biological factors, past interpersonal relationships, and societal messages. One size does not fit all and their treatment approach is specific to each person’s or couple’s needs.

For individuals, sex therapy can help heal a sexually distressing past, facilitate sexual function, or explore psychological blocks preventing full expression of emotional and/or sexual intimacy in a relationship. For couples, sex and relationships therapy can help heal the damaging effects of infidelity, enhance sexual and emotional communication, and explore alternative sexual expressions.

​Charlie and Arienne are also well versed in trauma therapy and the impact trauma has on a person’s relationship with self and others with years treating clients with PTSD derived from different types of traumatic experiences.

​Charlie and Arienne provide confidential therapy out of their Houston office and online through video chat that is able to translate over 100 languages! So, they meet with clients online from all over the globe!

Appointments are conveniently scheduled online.