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The SexBecause Show is an off the cuff discussion on sex and relationships. Bringing real talk that may make some blush. Their dialogue is balanced by their over 27 years clinical experience in both trauma, sex, and relationship therapy. The SexBecause Show is published as a podcast and video podcast and can be found weekly wherever podcasts are available with daily episodes beginning November 6, 2018.

Charlie and Arienne are quickly becoming known as The Sex and Relationship Resource with their Knowledge Bank series. Some have called it the “Wikipeda of Sex and Relationships with over 1,000 videos and 7,200 blogs in 8 languages covering every topic relevant and imaginable to sex and making a relationship of any design succeed. With over 25 years of clinical experience, in the office and online, as well as having true passion for one another, the result can be impulsive and balanced all at the same time.

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Audio Podcasts

Therapy and Recovery

Watch Charlie and Arienne share years of knowledge and experience in the Sex Because Therapy and Recovery Series.

Training and Education

Want to know how much you don’t know about sex? This video series has content for beginners as well as sex experts.

Relationship Design

The beauty about relationships is that you can design your relationship in any way you desire. Here we can help you get started.

Complete Video Series

Click here to see everything Charlie and Arienne have to offer in the complete video series.