Training and Education

Featured Video: A Quick Overview of Gender Identity

Gender identity is in the news and everyone is talking about it. This can be confusing for everyone and a deeper understanding of the topic may help. Here the team will give a quick overview of gender identity.

SexBecause workshops and seminars (online and in person) are exciting, rejuvenating, and highly interactive. All workshops are designed for couples to connect and grow together. Using an innovative approach that allows couples to be “hands-on” during their workshops, the SexBecause goal is always to allow couples to be as transparent as needed without fear of judgment or ridicule. With a belief that each of us fighting our own battle, their Do No Harm philosophy is present throughout.

A better sense of care for our partners can only be achieved when we have a solid view of our own self worth and what we deserve as individuals. The ability to love and forgive yourself can be instrumental in learning to share that with your partner and their workshops are geared towards moving forward in healthy directions without fear of working together on past issues along the way.


Therapy and Recovery

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Training and Education

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The beauty about relationships is that you can design your relationship in any way you desire. Here we can help you get started.

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