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Featured Video: 9 Tips: Letting Go of Your Ex

Letting go is hard to do, that’s why there are so many songs written about it. In today’s featured video we look at 9 tips to help let go of your ex.

With easily streamed videos and downloadable e-books attached, Charlie and Arienne approach even the most clinical topics and translate them into information that is easily digested and applied to everyday life. The video series are combined with self-analysis tools and tips to take with you and ponder. With years of clinical experience treating individuals and couples, their videos go beyond the surface to help guide you to a better you and an even more satisfying relationship. 

SexBecause has always maintained its goal to enhance already fruitful relationships or help repair unions that may have been damaged along the way. Whether it be traumatic events that occurred during childhood or beyond, or intimacy that appears to have lost its spark, relationship satisfaction is the first key to healthy engagement. Getting there can be the difficult.

Discover ways to explore and enhance your sex.  Your relationship should constantly improve and evolve.  But first, positive change takes place only when relationship patterns are investigated and its reestablishment is challenged in the relationship. Do something new. 

Your gift is your relationship and it is to be enjoyed. These easily streamed series are here to help.


Therapy and Recovery

Watch Charlie and Arienne share years of knowledge and experience in the Sex Because Therapy and Recovery Series.

Training and Education

Want to know how much you don’t know about sex? This video series has content for beginners as well as sex experts.

Relationship Design

The beauty about relationships is that you can design your relationship in any way you desire. Here we can help you get started.

Complete Video Series

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