Dating Your Spouse While Traveling in the Age of Social Distancing

We are traveling Texas more lately for work but keeping the health of ourselves and others in mind while doing it. It’s nice to score a nearly empty hotel from time to time. Reminded us of a funny checklist we put together near the end of shelter in place.
First some CDC travel advice:

A couple of shelter in place sanity tips:

1. Find someone that is the GM of a local hotel that will alert you when it is mostly empty and there is no one at the pool (Thanks Bob and Staybridge). 2. Marinate some steaks
3. Book a room at said hotel wearing required mask.
4. Let the kids know you have an extended “work day”
5. Dress as though you have zero kids and you are still dating because you are. Bring a camera to document this. Once.
6. Bring a camera and the steaks you’ve been marinating
7. Pose, laugh, drink, laugh, and be merry at 1030am because that’s what parents do while eating steak when said kids think they are working (limit your caloric intake to 1800 a day (me) or 1200 (wifey). Exclude wine calories during this time😳. 8. Confirm/ realize that social distancing is only for those that don’t live in your house and get close, really close.
9. Post pics that may make YOU Happy. Reconnect with people that fit and let go of relationships that no longer do so. Do that research.
10. Love each other and those around you while standing for necessary change with the one you choose because life is too short for anything less.
11. Had to turn it up to “11”. It may not be your job to make people happy but social distancing isn’t about happiness, it’s about health and respect. #care #protecteachother #love #beautiful #inked #inkedcouple #couplestherapy #motivation #loveher #relationshipadvice #standtogether #bikini #scroll #love #thankful #datenight #datingadvice #dateeachother

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