SexBecause vs. The Hi Massager by Women and Couples

Charlie and Arienne Williams

We first became familiar with the Hi Massager it was through a review by “The Doctors” on YouTube. The video was intriguing and being th opportunist we are, we decided to use all of our available media clout and contact Drs. Steve and Wendy McGough about receiving our very own. Crazy enough, they willingly obliged!

When we received our Hi Massager we were blown away by the quality of and coinstruictiion and the consistency of the vibration. Placing it above the pelvic bone seemed to do the trick for me and when we used it with the Leather Masters Harness i quickly found myself falling over the bed in 42 seconds at 9am on a Tuesday in the guest bedroom of friend, Rachel Starr (Yes, THAT Rachel Starr). After a few moments of recovery followed by laughter, I gained my composure and stared at the machine awkwardly. What just happened! I wasn’t prepared at all. lol

It has quickly become our got to toy for everything from kink scenes to sciatica. The Hi was impressive because it’s built to withstand our travels as well as our vigorous sex life. It is difficult to describe because it’s like nothing else on the market and it’s medical applications make it a true instrument of health while giving near constant stimuli along the way.

Anyone who owns a Hi Massager knows that the "massager" comes with two speeds: "intense" and “OMG!" Sometimes, when you're close to coming, it's fun to flip the switch to the high setting and blast off to Mars, but sometimes, it can feel like you might vibrate your clit off. The ability to use this over clothes turns this into a true issue with those who want to get anything done besides frequent orgasms and relaxing, deep massages with your partner (or alone). It’s a game changer!

The cons for the Hi-Massager are minor, in my opinion. It isn't a small or quiet toy, which is attributed to the powerful motor. While the size of the Hi is big, it feels manageable and works well with playing with others. While this is a wired wand, the length of the cord allows it to be a nonissue (for me).

- sturdy
- multiple settings
- intense/good stimulation (!!!!)

-Orgasms aplenty even for a friend who swore she was anorgasmic

- loud but still a sexy hum that added to the overall experience. 
- wired
- (hard to call this a con but...?) sometimes intensity may be overwhelming for beginners that are over eager (for this, I recommend going slow and allowing buildup naturally)

Very easy to maintain.

The thing is, we discovered, is that the Hi Massager really does work well as a back massager. It’s pretty incredible; it’s like those massage chairs you sit in to get a pedicure concentrated into one machine. 

Learning to use is it worth the 5 minutes out of the box. We went up against it and all we can say is WOW! Over and over again…. - SexBecause

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Charlie and Arienne Williams

Charlie and Arienne Williams

With degrees in Psychology, Clinical Mental Health, and over 25 years of direct care clinical experience as psychotherapists. Charlie and Arienne are true clinical professionals with a passion for life and each other that’s only equally matched by their humorous, lighthearted demeanor and wit. As keynote speakers they are an entertaining and informative twosome who are as comfortable on...

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