Arienne and 23&ME: Part 1 Risk vs. Reward

Not knowing the identity of your biological father isn’t always easy to digest. In this frank, unfiltered video we discuss a Black Friday purchase of a 23&Me Kit and what comes next for us as a family, This isn't as easy of a discussion as it looks, especially when Arienne didn’t have a father figure until over the age of 16 yet found incredible success both professionally and personally. Over the years, we have enjoyed many great conversations on our long rides home from the office. None more thought provoking than this. Are their risks in learning the identity of someone who may have chosen to exit your life before birth? Are their rewards?In this multi-part series, we discuss frankly, feelings, vulnerability, family, relationships, and genealogy. As well as the attachment/ fantasy bond feelings that may fuel these. Here’s part one.