Therapy and Recovery

SexBecause provides online and in office services to individuals and couples to assist them to achieve identified relationship, emotional, and self-worth related goals. Investigating and acknowledging past hurts, family of origin, and other influencing factors is key to any possible growth.  SexBecause also provides targeted coaching and treatment for couples where one or both persons may be dealing with anxiety, mood and intimacy related issues. 

SexBecause utilizes experiential and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

Experiential therapy is often used in the treatment of trauma, eating disorders, behavior disorders, anger management, grief and loss recovery, substance abuse, and various types of physical and behavioral addictions and compulsive behavior such as gambling. It is also recommended for those who wish to be free of painful, unhappy, or otherwise bad feelings from past experiences, to change the nature of their current and future relationships, and to live up to their full potential. Experiential therapy is offered in individual, clinical, and medical settings, including various recovery, treatment, and rehabilitation programs, in conjunction with different styles of traditional talk therapy.

CBT for Couples and Relationship Problems. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective therapy for relationship problems and can include either individual or couples therapy. … Using a combination of acceptance and change strategies, couples learn to enhance intimacy and effectively resolve differences.

Sessions are confidential, using the online platform, TokBird.com for its easy translation capabilities in over 100 languages. Check our calendar to book your session today.

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